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Countering 6Ps in "6P The Game"

I thought the adjustment was pretty straightforward?
streamed Mar. 30, 2022

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#FGC #Sajam #GGST #GuiltyGear
Samuel Alphabet : "Man this is literally just Paper: The Game" -bart simpson on the lisa matchup
Sorrelhas : Honestly Sajam, I'm just tired of people spamming attack buttons in fighting games
There's literally nothing I can do about that, and it's just a matter of who hits enough attacks to win the game first

I heard someone say that Xrd wasn't like that at all
Caleb Thompson : This reminds me of a common joke in magic the gathering. When a new creature is being discussed a lot of people say “dies to removal” which is basically making fun of the same reductive reasoning there. It’s like saying rock is bad cuz it loses to paper
polarwolfsniper : The classic fighting game community solution of complaining and causing discourse over things that you can spend 5 minutes in the lab to learn and work around
Braijin FGC : I'm starting to think FGC Twitter spins a roulette every week to decide what to complain about in Strive.

Nexus 6P Review!

Review of Google's Android 6.0 flagship: Nexus 6P

Nexus 6P Camera samples: http://www.mkbhd.com/2015/10/13/9523341/nexus-6p-5x-impressions-video-mkbhd-reviews

Dat wallpaper: http://i.imgur.com/d3cRm01.jpg

dBrand skin: https://dbrand.com/mkbhd/nexus-6p

Nexus 6P Unboxing:

Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20

Intro Track: J'Attends - Remix | Hocus Pocus


This device was provided by Google for review.
Blackdragon79 : This dude is the most professional tech reviewier on YouTube. Presentation is always top notch.
SuperSaf : Pretty much everyone is calling this the 'Best Android smartphone you can buy'. Good job Google and dope video as always Marques
Alexander : I remember wanting this phone so bad when it came out. Even to this day it still looks really good in terms of design
omega : Even by 2019 standards, that camera is dope.
Aravind Vinayakan : 5 years later and this is still my favorite phone of all time

Using 6P is always a great idea! Except for when it isn't! - Guilty Gear Strive

6P, Forward+Punch, whatever nomenclature you wanna use, is a really handy thing in Guilty Gear Strive! Its an attack that universally has upper body invincibility and for many characters their most reliable anti-air attack. Its also great in neutral and pressure situations too! However sometimes people tend to rely on it a bit too much when it isn't the best idea so lets talk about it!


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#fgc #guiltygear #ggst
rooflemonger : 6P is an invaluable resource for many characters, an answer to many difficult to deal with things, and its so much more than just an anti-air. However, its not quite the catch all some people think to seem it is so in this video that's exactly what we are talking about! Sometimes its better to find an alternate solution, or just block.
Dwarl Warberry : The real advice here is to not listen to people on Twitter
York : I too am an advocate of "just block it". In fact, always block. Never leave your guard down. What do you mean "command grab"? Never heard of it. I'm just an honest Pot player who wants the best for you, trust me.
Sean Gillooly : 2:41 "the thing about upper body invincibility is that it's not lower body invincibility" me: "omg so true king...so wise"
rooflemonger : Got the youtube play button for 100k subscribers! Expect pictures of it sometime later today or tomorrow! Feels great to have it, so many years of hard work all validated in a plaque. Makes me wish I thought of capitalizing the R in rooflemonger all those years ago cause I can't change that and now its immortalized lower case on the plaque.




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