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How to make billions of money on sm20 contract glitch

Theboyz D : What happens when you sell them great vid btw
Saheed Alao : It works
D Young Baale : I tried it and now am in debt
FHRMAN : It's still work thanks now I can manage small club with easily
tamires nascimento : Work, Thanks

SM20 vs. SM21 Comparison | Which Is Better?! | Soccer Manager 2020 vs. Soccer Manager 2021

Jimmy Bunawan : Are you have a tips and tricks about how to counter offer other club bid with higher price if we try to sell players?
Mr.Muhaxheri : Sm would be the best football game if they let you control the team in games
matt : Sm20 was better imo
Majok : You cant compare them you know what’s better sm 20 had a lot of bugs such as loans and I wasn’t a fan of the dark theme
? : Sm 21 has better features but for me, SM 20 is better. SM 21 has had many complaints, one slot and doesn't work with a lot of devices and most importantly Sm20 was offline

Sm20 Тактика 100% Рабочий Для слабых клубов и не только

Sm20 Тактика для слабых клубов и не только
Александр Гроза : Пж покажи тренировки для состава
Mr.ROMA.A : Сыграл несколько матчей Все выиграл Крупным Счётом Я За Томбов Начал
Sunder : А схему обязательна менять
Павел Антонов : Спасибо
F1orenza JOPA : для барсы можно?




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